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Tree Surgeon East Kilbride. Trees add so much to a garden. They offer cool shade in summer and are a barrier to blustery winds. Trees make your garden more private, they bring fruit and nuts and attract birds and other wildlife. They are wonders of nature and can grow into grand old age. But they do need looking after from time to time. 

Unfortunately, trees can become diseased and sometimes felling is the only solution. Or they need thinning or overgrown branches cut. Whatever needs doing, it’s always best to consult a tree surgeon. Tree surgeons, or arborists to give them their proper name, are highly trained and can advise you about the removal of diseased trees, if necessary, or general maintenance to keep your trees healthy.

Dr Finlay Hamilton
Tree Surgeon East Kilbride

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Tree surgery is not a job for the home gardener. Cutting down trees can be dangerous and pruning requires skill so it’s best to call the experts. Apart from having years of experience, a tree surgeon will also be fully insured to carry out the work.

We work using the rope & harness method on trees thus preventing damage that can be caused by heavy machinery in gardens & on lawns.

Section Felling:  If there is a risk of damage to plants or buildings in the surrounding area the tree can be cut into small managable sections. Tree limbs will be cut and lowered to the ground team working from the bottom up. The head will then be felled & lowered and the stem of the tree is cut into sections and lower down.

Crown reductions:  Trimming the tree so that its overall size and shape reduces, provides increased sunlight to the surrounding area.

Crown lifts:  Cutting the lower branches of the tree to provide better access & light under the tree.

Thinning:  If there are many trees growing together then some can be selected for felling to allow the ones left to grow stronger as more light has been opened up & less competition for moisture & nutrients.

Felling:  The complete removal of the tree to ground level.


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