Garden Hedge Trimming – Hedge Trimming East Kilbride

We love our hedges in the UK. They are easy to maintain and with the occasional trim they’ll stay dense and nicely compact. 

Popular deciduous hedges such as privet and hawthorn should be trimmed top and sides about every four to six weeks during May to September.

Stocky deciduous hedges like Beech and Hornbeam need trimmed in June, or after flowering, and again in August. 

For conifer or evergreen hedges such as leylandii cypress, yew or bay, trim one to three times in summer but not later or there’s a risk of getting bare patches. 

A handsome hedge is a credit to any garden and, apart from looking good, it also helps to attract certain species of wildlife such as small nesting birds, hedgehogs and numerous insects, all of which brings colour and life to your garden.

To give your hedge the best care and attention, it’s wise to seek advice on hedge trimming from a professional landscape gardener.