Garden Fencing

 Wooden Fencing East Kilbride

A garden fence is a great way to protect your privacy and to make your garden safer for young children and pets. It’s a feature that can add a lot of charm and character to your property as well.
To do a proper job you’ll need some fairly good DIY skills and it can be hard work as fence posts and panels are heavy.

Depending on the size of your garden or property perimeter, getting the fence up can be a lengthy project and it’s best to recruit come help. Or get in the professionals.

Before getting started, check your title deeds to make sure where boundaries lie in case of any dispute with your neighbours.

Fences come in a range of styles. Overlapping fences are made from horizontal wooden boards while closeboard fences are vertical, overlapping boards. Both are relatively inexpensive and can provide great privacy. A palisade is a traditional picket fence and is a good option if you want to retain some visibility as well.